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Born on the streets of Dublin with one simple idea, evolve fish and chips to something different. We want to show everybody that fish and chips could be made using any species from our beautiful ocean. Less demand on specific fish can only help the harmony of the ocean. Our first summer we sold Cajun Spiced Panko Mackerel with Lemon Cajun Sauce and our now famously different Seaweed Salted Chips! This inspired us to create over 60 recipes in the coming years including:


Lemon & Basil infused Tempura of Sea bream with Garlic Truffle

Lime Mint & Wasabi infused Tempura of Flounder with a Basil & Chilli Sauce

Jamaican Jerk Panko Pollock with Chipotle Sauce

Indian Spiced Panko Hake with Curry Lime Sauce

Ethiopian Berbere Red Gurnard with a Berbere Sweet Potato Ketchup

Openingsuren Antwerpen

Monday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Tuesday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Wednesday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Thursday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Friday 12.00/22.00 Open all day.

Saturday 12.00/22.00 Open all day.

Sunday 12.00/21.00 Open all day.


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